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Vivos Reward Students for Excellent Performance

Vivo Miles

This year Moat has introduced students and staff to the Vivo School Rewards System.

Find out more by following this link -

Moat adopts Microsoft Office 365 to improve communication for staff and students

Office 365As part of our commitment to providing students and staff with the most effective tools for teaching and learning, Moat has moved to Microsoft’s Office 365 e-mail and website system. Find out more here.

Existing users can click here for setup information.

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108 responses

  1. Ayub Osman says:

    Good Website

  2. halima karim says:

    its much more interesting and looks good

  3. misbaah says:

    it looks so much more better..

  4. This website is really good and usefull. This website is fabulous because it has all the memories of the past.

  5. F K says:

    Wow! An amazing website! how wonderful to see something new and exciting. Thank you to moat!

  6. Abdifatah Abdi says:

    I really like this modern new look. It really compliments what Moat is about!

  7. Abdy Ibrahim says:

    Well, didn’t expect this at all. Enhanced and in line with today’s modern world. Much more appealing than it was before.

  8. Much better than the old one

  9. Asif Vazirali says:

    It is not interactive enough

    • moatcollege says:

      Thank you for your feedback. We have recently redesigned the site and are keen to build it to accommodate the needs of our visitors. Do you have any specific interaction in mind?

      • Abas Mirza says:

        You should include a chat box so we could communicate with other students and also you should unblock you tube for education purposes. And it would turn out to be a FAB website. & also you should unblock social networking sites to so can the students can enjoy their time in school as they study and have fun at the same time. Hope you take this comment as an positive feedback but overall i give this awesome website 10/10. Thank you for your contributuion.

  10. Zeinab Rilwaan says:

    much better than the old one because it looks much better

  11. cool website!better than before:)

  12. F A says:

    A nice website. The previous one was a bit boring. I think that there should be a tab on the website called gallery, where it shows the pictures of moat and displays at moat. I think that a gallery section to be added would be wonderful! Also, I think that more pictures of moat activities should be added, like the pictures of the MOAT ZUMBATHON! Please add the pictures of that!

    • moatcollege says:

      Glad you like the new design. As we build up more articles about student activities and life at Moat you will see that each gets its own gallery. We will look at creating some sort of general gallery section to showcase particularly good examples.

    • Rumaysa Bhana says:

      so true!

  13. Jasmin says:

    i like new website, but old one was better with more information
    u could change design of old website..

    • moatcollege says:

      It’s great that you like the new site and we will be adding to it over the coming months.
      Did you know that you can still access additional information for students through the Intranet -> Students link at the top right of the page?

  14. Nassir Abdi says:

    Moat has a cool Website

  15. its so much more better,eye caching ,in your face and WOW! <3

  16. G-one says:

    Very cool website…very easy to use better than the other dull website

  17. Nasra says:

    This website look seriously cool!, Never thought i’d actually look like this!!

  18. Suhayl Hansrod says:

    This website is very inspirational, amazing new look, well done moat staff!

  19. Ayub ghanto says:

    i like website

  20. Wasim Ismail says:

    I Love This New Website It’s So Colorful And Attractive And Makes Me Feel Really Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Najib Patia 11.5 says:

    look at fronter even better than this website created and made by G.Kader it has everything that you need

    • moatcollege says:

      It’s great that you like Fronter (the College’s Virtual Learning Environment).
      Unfortunately, as Fronter is a closed environment designed to allow students safe use of the Internet it cannot be opened up to the general public so we need this site to let people outside college know what we are doing.

  22. Soaib Amod says:


  23. Onaiza Daud says:

    I Love The New Website It Is More Vibrant The The Old Website And it Is Much More Kid Friendly.
    The Website Is Amazing.

  24. Omar Abdi says:

    The new website is very good, its much better than the old one.

  25. SAMIR says:

    new look better than the old on has more stuff and tell us wat m
    oat is about !!!

  26. Zohaib says:


    • moatcollege says:

      We have tried to ensure that the website functions with all browsers. If you are having trouble using a particular phone to use the site please let us know the make and model and we will see what needs to be fixed. Thank you for your feedback.

  27. I think this website is really fablous and excellent but for details about result at school from the exams any attachments weather e.t.c.

  28. ABU says:

    this website is really useful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. arshad sayed says:

    This websote is the cool one,i didnt like the other one

  30. nalleeye teabag mader says:

    this is a better website much better than the old one it is inspiring.

  31. Fahima Adam says:

    Its a great website but why can’t outlook work on mozilla firefox aswell as internet explorer? Please do something about this!

  32. Lucy West says:


  33. Rumaysa Bhana says:

    this website is fab!

  34. i think this website is way better then the old website!

  35. imran says:

    its better than the old one and i totally agree

  36. wasim ismail says:

    i really love this website, it makes me really happy and make my day happy so keep up the good work.

  37. arkam aqueel says:

    i very like webpage.

  38. Fats says:


  39. Iamsrk says:

    Never been to this this college but must say very good website..hats of to the maker
    one think to be improve is the font :-)

  40. Humairaa P says:

    The website looks more professional and looks pretty good! I would however recommend a space on the home page where it has term dates and holidays. Or even exam dates!
    I prefer Fronter as it has different subject areas and forums/polls for different subjects which makes it more interactive. I think it would be quite difficult to make this website interactive as it’s mainly for parents/carers to see particular things that Moat offers.
    Overall it is a major improvement compared to the previous website.

  41. Umera says:

    wow its really good, so much better!

  42. zahra says:

    this is a nice website and i like it

  43. sufyan shiekh says:

    there are no pictures of food
    the other website did

  44. aasiaahmed says:

    it looking cool matey

  45. me says:

    i like the old website :(

  46. fatuma says:

    i love the website diden like the other one

  47. Adnan Diqbal says:

    Very nice website, reminds me of damman

  48. this is so much better than the old moat website!!!

  49. Ayesha says:

    Hello I’m one of the year sevens and I’d just like to say when I came to moat I only had a few freinds from my old school and now I have met new people from other schools and I’ve made friends with them I’m getting on very well at moat.

  50. abdihakim hassan says:

    good web

  51. soniardo says:

    im soniardo one of the year sevens ……………….it much better t moat than our primary school

  52. shanjida mehjabin says:

    hi i am a moat student and i just like to say thank you for all the help as iam an year 7….. :)

  53. Sadiiyaahh ;) says:

    I Havee no Ideeaa Of The old Websitee But Thiisss Web Lukks Gudd :D

  54. amujee123456789 says:

    amazing website

  55. RSAR says:


  56. shanjida mehjabin says:

    Can you change some of the pictures OR give new ones? If not it is alright, it is just a request….
    Thank you…
    p.s: such good website, you can know so much more about Moat… – It is so interesting!!

  57. Tayyabah says:

    I’m a student from London and such an amazing Website

  58. abdullahi sheikh nur says:

    they spelt internet wrong

    • moatcollege says:

      The Intranet link is not a misspelling.
      An Intranet is a private section of the Internet accessible only by a particular group of users.
      The college Intranet contains information of use to Staff and students but which we do not want to make publicly available.

  59. THE DMC committee says:

    I believe that this website will inspire the new generation, it has a sensational design and very attractive and motivates me to do well at school ! The DMC wishes you all the best to the school and staff for the future! – Umear, Adnan (d-man), mighty and the ceo himself Suhayl HJB !

  60. salim says:

    looks cool

  61. Nisar says:

    Just been appointed parent governor at moat, looking forward to it.

  62. Nisar says:

    Thanks to everyone who voted for me :)

  63. Shanjida Mehjabin says:

    A very inspired website for us to go on overdrive,fronter,outlook and ect. It is much easier because we would of have to wait for the school to open when, it is holiday! :D

  64. shanjida mehjabin says:

    How come we cannot go on outlook during school days at home???? Please do something about it…..

  65. Shanjida Mehjabin says:

    Thank you very much for fixing it…. :D :D :D

  66. msayeed says:

    same without outlook i wouldn’t be able to send my homework thank you technicians and Moat staff for making our life easier

  67. Shanjida Mehjabin says:

    Yeh,but it only works on google chrome… Not like internet explorer or mozila firefox so those of you who think your outlook does not work,maybe try it out in google chrome.. ♥

  68. Shanjida Mehjabin says:

    Yeh, it has gone back to normal.. I NEED THE OUTLOOK for my homework to be attached!!!! :3

  69. SUBTOE says:


  70. Starting following @moatccplrs, our Premier League Reading Stars group. #moatccplrs

  71. A shout out to all Moat students, start following @moatccplrs on twitter and let’s raise the profile of reading and literacy in our school.